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I primarily use high resolution Canon digital SLR cameras.  All my images are captured in RAW format, which allows the greatest creative control over the final print. (Prior to 2005,  I was shooting color transparencies, which were scanned to create a digital file.)

Image management software (Adobe Photoshop and various specialized plug-ins) is used to perform the usual "darkroom" functions (e.g., exposure, color balance and saturation, sharpening, etc.) on the images. Proofs are printed and more adjustments are made based on my evaluation of the proof and my artistic vision of the image.

State of the art Epson printers are used to produce the finished fine art prints. These printers are capable of producing exceptional continuous tone pigment prints with an archival life estimated at up to 100 years (before any fading occurs), depending on the inks and papers used.

I use several fine art papers, including textured watercolor papers, which give the finished prints a softer, more painterly, look than "traditional" photographic prints. My printed images are often thought to be watercolor paintings. I also produce prints on canvas and metal.

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